Open A Book ... Open Your Mind with Dick Berman

By Har Zion Temple (other events)

Wednesday, February 6 2019 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

It's 1948, and a second holocaust looms on the horizon. Five Arab countries have publicly vowed to annihilate the virtually unarmed 600,000 Jews living in Palestine when Israel declares itself a State. Mike Kaplan and Paul Shatz are determined, that will not happen. With 12 surplus cargo planes, and a volunteer crew to fly them, risking fines, imprisonment, and loss of their U.S. citizenship for doing so, they'll defy a U.S. led arms embargo, and smuggle weapons to the Jews to defend themselves. In the process, these Jewish American World War II airmen create the Israeli Air Force. At times, the obstacles seem insurmountable.

Told through the eyes of these two fictional characters, this fact based, action packed story, follows them as they have to outmaneuver an anti-Semitic State Department official who tries to sabotage their mission, to Czechoslovakia, as they fly dangerous smuggling operations, where planes crash, and pilots die in the process. You'll be in the cockpit as these unsung heroes fly heart pounding, life and death combat missions over Israel, where the fate of the newborn State literally lays beneath their wings. Without them, there arguably, might not be an Israel. And it doesn't end for them after the War. When Shatz and Kaplan return to America, they are put on trial by the government who wants to punish them for what they did. The trial outcome .. something no one could have ever predicted. The book tells you all of this, and a lot more.